What is Asian Grind?

We are a team of experienced poker veterans who can fully appreciate the importance of game selection. Our mission is to offer you literally the best, most lucrative games available along with top notch support.

Win thousands of dollars from Chinese players! Play poker on your Windows PC against Asian players who are using their mobile devices.

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Leading software provider in Asia. This app is marked by very big field and decent amount of recreational players. You can increase edge over your opponents by using specialized HUD. It should always be first choice if it comes to conquering asian apps

It’s PokerMaster’s younger brother with much smaller field but bigger amount of recreational players. You can find your place here, if you are not a type of mass-grinder

Level of competition is incredibly low but you should be ready to play at least NL600. This choice is designed for players with decent bankroll but it compensates everything because of unseen winrates. This application provides full players records, even from games you didn’t participate! It’s an ideal ecosystem for bumhunters but also mass grinders should be able to find sufficient amount of tables

Singapure club with clubs all over the world. Pleasent app with many fishy Asian players. Flat rakeback for all our customers. Fast and smooth deposits and withdrawals. Extra stats possible to be purchased

Play poker for real money
againts recreational chinese players

The biggest amount of apps
and clubs

On average doubled profits
in comparison to european

24/7 administrative support

IT Help Center

Flexible payment methods

Many tricks and
solutions to increase
your edge

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